email marketing campaigns

Studies have shown that email marketing can have a massive return on your investment. This return was as high as 4362% according to the Direct Marketing Association. Other marketing channels may promise you a good return on your advertising dollars but no other methods can compare in terms of cost effectiveness.


Development of Overall Strategy

We can help you develop the most optimal message for attracting and retaining interest. We can also integrate value-adding emails and intersperse them with more sales-oriented emails as well


Design and Copywriting Services

We can provide the design and copywriting that are needed to produce a truly attention grabbing email. This includes overall layout as well as subject lines, headlines and body content


Continued Design, Development and Reporting

After the initial campaign has begun we will work to keep the momentum going. We will develop a database for you, provide design updates as needed, perform split testing and provide you with tracking links and reports. We also ensure that our email campaigns are CAN-Spam compliant We are more than happy to work with any existing email marketing applications that you have been using or, if you are just getting started, we can also suggest programs that will meet your needs.

Compare two websites. One is set up so that potential customers view products and services but have no way to leave an email address.

This site may have hundreds or thousands of hits each day and have no way to communicate with the people who are visiting it. The people who operate the website may have spent hundreds of dollars on advertising, promotion and site design. That site does not have the ability to convert hits to sales and is not cost effective.

Now consider the second site.
The second site offers something simple such as a newsletter that may talk about topical issues or which may include coupons for products that the company is selling. All it takes is for people to leave their email address. With each customer who leaves their address, you are building a database of customers that can be used as a method of communication.