fresh content

Now that your Website is up and running, you can sit back and relax, right?

In fact, a Website is never completely done. The most successful Websites are updated frequently and it’s no secret that the search engines love NEW content, so you’ll also want to add new pages to your site often to increase your search engine rankings.

Check your images and copy often to make sure they’re fresh and appropriate. Part of keeping your customers coming back to your site is offering something new on a regular basis. Contests, product/service offerings, industry news, and helpful tips are just a few possibilities for updating your content. Don’t keep holiday images on your site past the season. Your website should reflect how you run your business so don’t keep your “Valentine’s Day Sale” on your site in July.

As a Web Transformations client, you have several options to ensure your site stays current. Which option you choose will depend on several factors including time, resources and finances.


Use your staff

We highly recommend that you do NOT give this important job to just anyone that says “sure, I know how to do web pages.” You’ve invested a lot of time and resources into your website to get it to the stage it is today; make sure whomever you work with maintains the website’s integrity and knows to make back-ups of your pages prior to making major edits.

We provide the all-critical in-house training to make managing your website a breeze.


Use your staff

We almost always use WordPress as a Content Management System, which is the most widely used and versatile framework available.

We will provide training for your staff to easily update the site.

Content is and will always be “king” so be sure adding new content to your site on a frequent basis is a priority.