improve your bottom line

Is it art or science?

The answer is both. At a minimum, your site must be professionally designed, easy to navigate and have well written keyword rich content and headlines. Even beyond this, your site must have what is commonly referred to as “spider food”.

Spider food, in the simplest of terms, is including the keywords people type in to search engines within your Website content and headlines. For example, you wouldn’t type in “car” if you lived in San Jose and were searching for a local Honda dealership. More likely, you’d type in the search bar: “Honda dealership in San Jose, California”. Therefore it’s important to use those words often within your Website copy.

Knowing exactly what search terms are the most popular, how and where to integrate them into your Website, maximizing the use of meta tags and other techniques are just a few of the things that keep those spiders happy. It’s also what separates the art from the science.

There isn’t a standard SEO/SEM program that will fit every Website (or budget) so we offer our clients two programs that will help drive traffic to their site


Basic SEO program


Comprehensive SEO Program (outsourced)

Is there life after search engines?

Please keep in mind that search engine optimization is only one part of your overall Internet marketing strategy. Be sure to incorporate as many different marketing techniques as possible, including contests/promotions, publishing your own eZine, reciprocal links, paid advertising, participation in forums, viral marketing, and of course, off-line marketing. And remember to add fresh content to your site whenever possible. It takes time to make headway through the search engines (naturally) so follow our advice and you’ll soon reap the benefits of FREE traffic to your website.