website redesign

The survival of a website and selling of its products is greatly influenced by traffic, or more specifically speaking, targeted traffic. A website can only build a customerbase and make sales if targeted traffic is steadily driven to such website. On the other hand, if a website is not generating targeted traffic, it means something is not going on well. In that case, a website redesign becomes crucial and imperative. Our website redesign services in Auckland New Zealand, will focus on your business needs and will guide you through to exceptional success.

catch attention

A beautiful web design is to be complemented with well planned layout. When a visitor is pleased with a website and finds it useful and worthy as well, there is greater chance of frequent revisits, and the visitor can bookmark such website for regular visits.

Appeal to target audience

If the focus of a website is on a particular audience, then, that website should be redesigned to meet the tastes of the major part of that target audience. A tech website should have a techie touch in its redesign so as to attract the attention of geeks. In the same way, a fashion website should be substantially lustrous to attract the attention of fashion lovers.

informative and rich content

Generally, web visitors tend to get repulsed at a website when its content is seen to be of little value. In essence, the content of such a website is badly written, and do not offer any useful information or clue to the visitors. A website with informative and useful resources will attract visitors.

trust and reliability

When a visitor visits a website, can such visitor assess the trustworthiness of the site’s owner? Can he/she rely on the website information by merely looking at the website? To be trustworthy and credible, the website can include space for features such as testimonials. A money-back guarantee may also be included as part of the features in addition to valuable content.

user friendly

User-friendliness is one of the features that visitors enjoy in a website. Easy navigation through a website and fast loading are part of the things that make a website user-friendly. Most people shift attention to other websites if the former one they visited features hard-to-locate navigation panes and broken links. This is also the case when a website loads slowly.

easily found in search engines

This has become among the most difficult aspect of commercialising a web site. Depanding on the need, we work with a number of SEO marketers to maximise exposure
If you want your website to pull the targeted traffic and also please its visitors, it may be necessary to have a re-look at its design and decide on a redesign.