email marketing

Email marketing—you love it when it brings you sales, you hate it when it clogs your email box. But if it didn’t work, would it be the biggest marketing trend today? A new spin on direct mail, email offers many advantages over direct mail and businesses have come to rely on the effectiveness and scope email marketing offers.

  • Email marketing is cost-effective; no printing or postage costs.
  • Email reaches a larger audience quicker and can be personalized.
  • Results and sales can be obtained almost instantly with almost 80% of responses coming within 24-hours vs. waiting for a phone call or a reply card.
  • Email marketing messages can be changed quickly and sent again without reprinting and additional postage costs.
  • Analyze your goals and objectives to make the most of your marketing dollars!
  • Help you build a targetted, permission-based subscriber database.
  • Write a killer subject line to get your email opened.
  • Use HTML to give your message that extra visual impact.
  • Write compelling email sales copy to entice readers to act—usually a link to your Web site where they can contact you for more information or order directly your product/service.
  • Keep an archive of your newsletters on your site; great for building up a resource library and search engines love new content!
  • Create a landing Web page exclusively for your email, blending the page design with the message to reflect consistency and increase your return on investment.
  • Manage the entire process for you with your very own (inexpensive!) email marketing system or using your preferred vendor, such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.
  • Custom email blasts for holidays, special promotions, you name it!

Every email marketing blast begins a decision cycle for your customer. Web Transformations optimizes your message at each stage of the cycle in order to enhance response and increase overall marketing results.